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Nina's Adventures

Published 1993-11-05 (Image 3042)

Almost all I need to know I learned in kindergarten.  Kids are mean.  Grown-ups lie.  Youre not supposed to run around naked in front of your older brothers friends.  Life is hard.  The teacher doesnt really care if youre asleep during nap time as long as you lie down and shut up for 15 minutes.  If youre different, someone will try to beat you up.  Time speeds up as you get older.  Nothing makes any sense.  Grown-up women who arent fat think that they are.  You arent really a princess left here by accident.  If you wish for something really, really hard, it still wont happen.  Failure to obey leads to punishment.  Everyone is supposed to celebrate Christmas, even if theyre not Christian.  School sucks.  Life isnt fair.  So whyd I wait until my sophomore year in college to drop out?  by Nina Paley.

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