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Published 2014-11-16 (Image 118343)

Let me get this straight: Lately youve been refusing to be intimate with your wife because  Ebola. Dr. Noodle. I just think its irresponsible to put oneself at risk during this time of national emergency. Ph.D. Do you have any reason to believe shes been exposed to the virus? Well, shes been to an Ebola-infested region. I watched "Dallas" on Netflix. Thats not the same thing. We have a 4k TV. Its just like being there. WTH. I think until shes been quarantined for 26 weeks, I should stay in the den by myself and watch football. He can stay in there for 26 years for all I care. Thats overkill. Footballs only 26 weeks. S.M.H.

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