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Rudy Park

Published 2022-01-30 (Image 192216)

How much for rock-hard abs? $200 for a basic six-pack, includes high-intensity training sessions. Lemme think about it. Ill be here. Whats going on? The new years resolutions are trickling in. Youre working as a physical trainer now? I got into resolution outsourcing. What? People pay me to fulfill their resolutions. They vow to get in shape, or stop procrastinating, or be more honest about their feelings. I take on the task and then they check it off their list. I know what youre thinking sounds absurd. Sure, maybe, you can get cheaper prices by outsourcing your resolutions overseas. But, with me, you get full service in your own language and time zone. How much for the abs and to cut back on tv-watching? Ive got a package.

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