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Rudy Park

Published 2020-04-05 (Image 182475)

The cellphoen is a magical tool that lets us perform all kinds of tasks, like talking, emailing, and  Oh, who are we kidding?! Its time we told the truth about the mobile phone. Its best feature is that it offers numerous ways to avoid talking to people -- while shifting the blame to the phone. Today, the Rudy Park team displays their favorite excuses for getting off of calls. Blame the reception ... Cant hear. Ill call you back ... the battery. Sorry, gotta go ... an incoming call. Of course I live you. Its just that I have to take this crucial incoming call from my mom whod in the hospital ... Um, bad connection. Im hanging up because youre a #$%@ loser and I hate talking to you! Try these various excuses at your own risk. And youve got fish breath!

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