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Rudy Park

Published 2018-05-06 (Image 170676)

One peppermint shake, two straws. Oh no. Were back together again. In fact, make that just one straw. Well share it. I dont want anything to separate us ever again. Two. What are you trying to do, sugar-puss, give me the mouth-herpes you caught form that Sheila? I told you, daffodil-bottom, that wasnt mouth-herpes, it was just a sore where Id accidentally bitten my lip. And I would never have even been with Sheila if you hadnt just ditched me for that hobo. Biff Manly is a sailor who lives in a houseboat. Hes not a hobo ... dear. Do you have any drinks that taste like the high seas? Leave me out of this! I see youve got a drink called The Sheila. Well. Have. That.

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