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Rudy Park

Published 2017-08-13 (Image 160983)

What was it you wanted to talk about, minion? Theres a guy from Immigration and Customs Enforcement out front, boss. Oh, that. ICE said someone would stop by to thank me for tipping them off to all the illegals who were hanging out at Muhammads Bean Pie Shack. What? Why would you do that? Because Im a patriot. In times like this, every patriot must do his duty. If we have good reason to suspect a bean pie shack is a gathering place for people who shouldnt be here, its our solemn duty to report it, so itll get shut down. This wouldnt happen to have anything to do with how youve been looking for ways to boost our bean pie sales, would it? Coincidence. Dont be a conspiracy theorist, minion. Oh, and go tell ICE I have another tip for them. Very bad man.

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