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Rudy Park

Published 2017-03-19 (Image 155188)

I demand to be recompensed for the 28.47 minutes of my time your café was wasted. What? There are 1500 square feet of seating space in this café. That is room enough for 125 people. 90 percent of Americans own a personal electronic device of some sort. The quotient of that ratio of people to electronic devices is 112.5. Dividing by two produces a quotient of 56.25. So you see, its obvious why you owe me compensation for my wasted time. I have no idea what youre saying. You only have 55 electrical outlet panels and theyre all taken. I couldnt plug in Heisenberg. You owe Heisenberg and me $9.75 for wasting a trip down here. Theres an outlet in the john.

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