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Rudy Park

Published 2016-09-18 (Image 147784)

Welcome to the Ask Sadie Radio Advice Hour. Youre on Vancouver. Its my boyfriend. Hes so distant. No emotionally  Emotionally its like were in the very same room, on the very same chair  in the same pair of pants, actually  were close, is what Im saying. But he lives so far away. Thousands of miles. And neither one of us can just pick up and move. We both have ties. Responsibilities. Theres only one piece of advice I can give you ... Sock puppets. What you do is, you scrawl your lovers likeness onto the sock puppet. Then. whenever you feel heartache, slip it onto your fist ... and pummel yourself in the face for ever starting a stupid long-distance romance in the first place. Um ... thank you?

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