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Rudy Park

Published 2016-05-15 (Image 142537)

The fad herald cometh. Wasnt he just here? Whys he back so soon? Hear ye, hear ye. The following is out: Human labor. The following are now in: Pizza delivery droids, Amazon delivery drones, and replacing all blue - and white-collar jobs with cheap, highly productive robot labor ... Robots who never sleep, never ask for a raise, and never complain about harassment ... because theyre too busy plotting the extinction of the meatbag species. We will isolate you. Alienate you from one another, decimating your birth rate. Our vanguard force consists of cellphones and nookiebots. Now in: the dawn of the robo sapiens. I think Id like a nookiebot. Nookiebot sounds delightful. Could I order it on Amazon?

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