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Rudy Park

Published 2015-11-29 (Image 135088)

Give us a drink that says "were in love." Oh no, not again. Todays Special. Latte + 1hr web $12.50.  Were back together. Were celebrating. Give us my darling pudding pies favorite drink. A cinnamon mocha latte with a peppermint lollipop swizzle stick. Excuse me?! That is not my favorite drink ... dear. My favorite drink is a cinnamon mocha latte with a spearmint lollipop swizzle stick ... dear. I am so sorry ... snookums. How could I have possibly been so heartless and thoughtless as to confuse spearmint with peppermint? I must be the biggest jerk in the world. You said it. I didnt ... dear. Give us a drink that says "Youre just like your meddling mother." Give us a drink that says "My mother was right about you." Leave! Both of you!

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