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Nina's Adventures

Published 1999-10-24 (Image 779)

"Ecollusion".  Stuff!  It consumes resources!  It degrades the environment!  It generates vast piles of toxic waste!  Stuffcorp.  Yes, we all know our "consumer society" is bad for the earth… But give up consuming?!  Do I have to?!  Dont worry!  We share your concerns ... Thats why weve develop Eco-Stuff.  Eco-Seal of Approval.   Look for this sticker!  Its just like stuff, except it costs more and has a little green sticker on it!  Oooh ... pretty!  eco-mug.  eco-gadget.  eco-lamp.  eco-scarf.  Eco-Stuff...Im helping the environment!  ... The little bitty markup that pays for a great big delusion!

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