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Nina's Adventures

Published 1995-04-14 (Image 3043)

Ninas Adventures: The Environmentally Friendly Comic Strip.  Earth Day Special!  Our commitment to the earth: Ninas Adventures did not build a nuclear power plant this year--we care!!!  10% of our profits go to a special fund to make us consider not dumping toxic waste into the local water supply.  "What you dont do is as good as what you do."--old advertising proverb.  Planet Earth: Its Swell!  The Ninas Adventures Tree Conservation Program: This cartoon could have bene printed larger, but thanks to chintzy editors and art directors, we save trees!  This cartoon could be nationally syndicated, but instead it runs only in a few small, obscure papers--we save trees!  We only run gratutitous self-congratulatory eco-groovy pieces once a year, instead of every week--we save trees!!  Endangered species: theyre cute!  Our commitment to sustainable humor: Reduce: Less humor per carton.  Reuse: Same jokes used over & over again.  Recycle: Recycled gags.

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