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Nina's Adventures

Published 1993-12-20 (Image 1429)

Guess what!  I saw (insert celebrity name here), the famous movie star, going into a restaurant downtown!  Ohmigod!  Isnt she splitting up with (insert celebrity name here), the famous pop star?!  Shes a bitch!!  Did you see her last video?  A bomb!!  Well, I hear shes been seeing (insert celebrity name here), the famous T.V. star!!  Like ohmigod!!  Does that mean hes gonna divorce (insert celebrity name here), the famous spokesmodel?!  Would you two shutup about celebrities?!  Celebrities arent real!  Theyre consumer products!  Their "lives" are packaged for mass-consumption to get you glued to the "popular media" and exposed to ever more advertising!  And youre emotionally involved with them than with your own real lives and relationships!  Sheesh!  Ohmigod!  Wasnt that Nina (tm) the famous cartoon character?!  I hear shes dating Elvis the famous postage stamp!

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