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Nina's Adventures

Published 1993-08-13 (Image 1784)

Whew!  You know, it might seem like I enjoy man-bashing but I really dont!  For one thing, not all men are jerks.  I dont want to bash "nice guys" like my friends here.  Hi!  Hello!  "Jerks" and nice guys are abstract concepts anyway!   What I really want to bash is jerky behavior and you dont have to be a jerk to act like a jerk.  Hmm?  What are you implying?  And people confuse jerky behavior with wanting sex!  No no no!  Sex is good!  Whats really tragic is how some men try to be "nice" denying their sensuality.  I dont want to encourage that.  The jerky behavior isnt about sex as much as treating women like objects.  Im not a sex object, but I am a sexual being.  I want my sexuality to be acknowledged .... without being seen as a toy or a sexual commodity for men!  Cause the fact is I like men!  Please dont touch me without asking first.  Why?

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