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Nina's Adventures

Published 1993-07-09 (Image 5603)

Nina in…Nina Gets Hit On!  A "Ninas Adventures" Docu-Drama.  Part One: Nina goes to a "relationship discussion group"…  Ive been trying different kinds of relationships, experimenting…  Shes so naïve!  Oh?  Do you have a garter belt?  What?!  Do you have a garter belt?  You said you were experimenting...  I dont think thats relevant to what Im talking about!  I was only asking...  Later, the meeting comes to a close...  The buses dont run this late!  Ich kann giff you a ride!  Thanks!  Good lord, Im alone with this guy in his car at one a.m.!  I hope he doesnt--  Zo, ken I call you und ve ken go out vor dinner und zen mebbe haf zome fun, ja?  To be continued...

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