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Nina's Adventures

Published 1992-07-26 (Image 2338)

Our heroine, suffering from an acutely painful tonsil infection, finds herself praying!  Will desperation turn this agnostic Taoist into a catholic?  Our father, who art in heaven, hallowed by thy name, bla bla bla etc.  God grant me health!  God grant me health! ... A few days and several doses of Amoxicillin later ... Gosh!  My health is returning!  Maybe God answered my prayers!!  Maybe I should become a nun or something to show my gratitude.  Of course, if there really is a patriarchal capital-G-God up there ... who hears prayers and consciously guides every aspect of our lives.... Then he made me sick in the first place!  What a sadistic jerk!!  And so, Nina remains an agnostic Taoist... Until the next time shes desperate.

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