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Nina's Adventures

Published 1992-00-00 (Image 3036)

How the Aids Virus Works.  Every day, your brain is exposed to bazillions of virulent ideas.  Sex is bad.  God will punish you!  Sin.  Nice girls dont.  A virulent idea enters the brain.  Immediately the brains defense mechanisms (called common sense) go into play.  Sex is bad.  Warning!  Danger!  Red alert!  The virulent idea is attacked by common sense, thus destroyed before it can infect the entire system.  Destroy!!  Kill.  Smite.  Eradicate.  The afrAIDS virus, however, "fools" your brains defense mechanisms.  Whats that?  Looks like caution.  Seems reasonable enough.  Allowed to thrive and grow, afrAIDS soon takes over your whole brain.  Common sense, now greatly reduced, can no longer fight off other virulent ideas.  Sex is bad.  Homosexuality is wrong.  Conform.  God will punish you!  Eventually you become a paranoid idiot.  Deviance is immoral.  Youre going to hell.  Conform.  Sex is bad.  Bodies are evil.  Sin.  God will punish you!

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