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Nina's Adventures

Published 1991-12-01 (Image 2340)

Thanksgiving day.  Nina with the flu, spends the holiday with her pals Wyll and Donna.  Sniff!  Im homesick!  I miss my family in Illinois!  Poor Nina!  Can we help?  Could you guys fight with each other, condemn my lifestyle, and tell me to go back to college?  You bet!  Youre not chopping those right! Kvetch kvetch kvetch!  Who made you vegetable czar?  Oh, youre as bad as Ninas deadbeat friends!  Why cant she have nice friends like her sister?  Tsk, after all we did for her .... Now dear, we shouldnt expect too much from her since she dropped out of school ... Feel better now?  Sniff.  You sure how to make a gal feel at home!

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