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Nina's Adventures

Published 1989-09-00 (Image 2649)

A lot of people tell Nina: Dont be so negative!  Be happy!  Get a positive attitude and wear a big smile!!  Flowers n sunshine!  Everythings beautiful!  Dark cloud o gloom.  Ironically, these people dont make her happy.  Be happy, dammit!  Im sick of your goddam negativity!  Even so, she still tries to take their advice.  Hi Nina!  How are you?  Just peachy!  Thats great!  God.  This is hell.  Twitch, twitch.  But she cant stand it!!  Yeaargh!!  In contrast, Nina also knows what genuine happiness feels like.  La!  Sproing!  And she believes the truly happy people she knows dont hassle her for being negative.

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