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Nina's Adventures

Published 1989-01-01 (Image 1424)

"Philosophy".  Space Case Cafe.  Ever notice how life is just like "Star Trek"?  Whaddya mean?  Coffee $.95  Caffee Latte $1.05  Caffe Mocha $1.25  Caffe Valencia $1.25   Espresso $1.05  Cappuccino $1.05  Black Tea $.80  Green Tea $.80  Brown Tea $.80.  See, your head is like the U.S.S. Enterprise ... While all your problems are like Klingons and Romulans and mean space aliens and stuff.  What are you going to order?  Make up your mind, earthling!  But helping you steer the Starship are Spock, the voice of logic and reason, and Bones, the healer, the voice of feeling.  My scientific reading indicates mineral water is the logical choice.  Dammit, Spock!  This woman needs an Amaretto Hot Chocolate with Whipped Cream!  See though Kirk makes the final decision, he needs Bones and Spock!  Theyre inseparable, intertwined!  Theyre a holy trinity!!  Listen to your Spock and Bones within, Nina!  Let them guide you!!  Uh ... could I have a Hibiscus Tea, please?  Thanks Dian!

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