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Nina's Adventures

Published 1988-09-25 (Image 1308)

"The R-Word".  "Relationships".  What a tired, old worn out topic.  Nina would forget about them altogether if it werent for people smooching everywhere she looks.  Slurp.  Drool.  Slobber.  Disgusting…I wish I were doing that….  Even not, Ninas brain leaps about wondering how shes going to get the relationship of her dreams.  Cut that out!  Wonder  ponder ponder.  Experience would suggest there in nothing you can do to "make" a relationship happen.  At least not the kind of relationship you want.  Yet Nina always wonders, is it really our of her control?  Do these things really just happen on "Gods terms"??  You bet your ass, honey.  Voice o god.  Nina has the nagging fear that we hill eventually get into a romantic relationship, but with someone she doesnt like.  Sigh.  All those cute guys around.  Too bad Im stuck with Mondo here.  Oh well, "beggars cant be choosers".  So why does Nina yearn for a relationship when she knows what a pain there are?  Pine yearn crave year.  Cuz youre a dumbshit.  Voice o Negativity.  Maybe its due to those pesky hormones exercising their power... Go on!  Hup!  Get yerself a man!  Hormones.  Hey!  ....Or perhaps, its due to the deep yearnings of Ninas "childs within" for paternal love.  Waaa!  I want Daddy!!!!  Shut up!  Would you shut up!?  Nina hasnt quite come to terms with all these forces at work  within her, and so she feels a little strained.  Strain  strain  uuurrghh.....But she knows theres no point in trying to tell her heart what to do.  Look Im drivin this train, so quit hassling me!  Nina thinks theres got to be an answer to all these relationship dilemmas.  Whats the @*?#!! answer?!  Oh God No, not that !!  The end?

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