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Nina's Adventures

Published 1988-09-01 (Image 1925)

Sometimes Nina feels pressured by the people around her.  Like right now she feels pressured to bank at the politically correct bank rather than the more economical, high-interest paying bank, because that bank is politically incorrect.  WHAT?!  You bank at the politically incorrect bank?!  Dont you know how insensitive that is?!  But ... But they pay interest!  Well, she seemed like a good person, but she doesnt go the  politically correct bank!  Maybe in her next lifetime ....  Shes terrified to think that someone might find out she sometimes chews sugarfree grape bubble gum!  Not only is that not politically correct, but its also not macrobiotic, not karma-free, not natural and non-biodegradable!  She also feels pressured to start digging astrology immediately.  Like wow, man!  All your planets are in Taurus!  Youre like totally earthy!  Uh-huh.  You dont say.  Imagine that.  Ninas biggest worry is that shes not merely different from the people around her; shes actually less spiritually evolved.  She doesnt go to the politically correct bank, but only because shes a lower life form ... Perhaps in a millennium of two.....

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