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Published 2017-09-24 (Image 161879)

This is funny: A washcloth with a "washing instructions" tag on it! I gotta share this with Bernice. Check this out, B! Washing instructions on a washcloth! Whats it say, "Dry clean only"? Yeah! And the towels say "Will get wet when drying." LOL! Im having a microwave burrito. The package says "May be hot after heating." Our TV remote says "Not dishwasher safe." Uhoh! My phones saying "Warning! Do not text while laughing!" Luann! Why are you messing with your phone when you have chores to do? My mom just asked me why Im messing with my phone when I have chores to do. Duh. Tell her its the same reason youre asleep in the morning when its time for school.

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