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Published 2009-03-08 (Image 30846)

Oral report. "If I ruled the world." If I rule the world, first Id fix disease and hungerlessness. Children shouldnt go to bed and wonder if theyll get rice or sick. Id also end cancer with other types of death. Id end the war in Iranistan by making everyone drop their guns and bombs. Id bring home our boys because there arent enough as it is. Id give free health so getting sick doesnt cost an arm and a leg. Also gyms would be free to get fit as a country, and it reduces stress which is well known to doctors. Id make schools have subjects like hair and makeup that are useful instead of pointless like history - and boring. With more fun and many more social events to improve everyones self steam! The world can be perfect! It just takes a ruler who can make the hard choices - like me! Wow. I dont know whether to laugh, cry or applaud.

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