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Published 2021-05-23 (Image 188691)

Daddy? Why awe we hewe? Well, son … there are many different theories. the Inca believed that the god Viracocha rose from Lake Titicaca and created us all. The oldest Vedic text, the Rigveda, said there was a big creature named Purusha who had 1,000 eyes, feet and heads. The gods turned him into butter, which became us. Abrahamic religions believe god created everything out of nothing and then took a nap. Klingons believe the gods forged the first Klingon, Kortar, out of fire and steel and then they made him a wife, and then the newlyweds killed the gods. The Bushongo believed Bumba the god barfed us all up. Daddy? When youwe done tewwing dad-jokes, will you teww me why we came to this boring park?

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