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Published 2020-08-09 (Image 184091)

Its an honor to be on Talking Trek. Ive been a big Trekkie my en – Can you hear me? Thanks for Zooming with us today, Mister Brown. About your article on the new Captain Pike show … Your audio just got all low. What was that? Gah! Now it got all high. Anyway, lets talk about the new Captain Pike show. Good lord! What am I looking at?! I love that theyre calling it Strange New Worlds. Best. Trek. Title. Ever. Is that a … bodily orifice? Still cant really hear you. Anyway, as I wrote in my article, Anson Mounts Pike is exactly the captain that America needs right now. Could you hold your phone further away? Our viewers can see all up your nose. Words cannot describe how much Im looking forward to this. Thats ok, I think we can see right into your brain.

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