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Published 2020-01-12 (Image 181111)

Ive lost all respect for the Dumbocrats. How could they impeach a president for investigating corruption?! Thats not what they impeached him for. They impeached Mr. Trump for trying to get a foreign country to investigate the guy who just happened to be Mr. Trumps rival in the next election. Nonsense. Donald Trump is an intrepid investigator of corruption! Thats why he was so concerned! Hes concerned about corruption? At the age of three, he started helping his dad hide income. He went on to cheat charities, defraud students, use laundered money in his casino ... and thats just for starters. Intrepid investigators often go deep under cover. And arent a lot of his friends corrupt oligarch types? The ones who arent in jail or dictators, I mean.

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