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Published 2019-12-22 (Image 180854)

Big L, you seen a doctor yet bout that heart attack you had? I didnt have a heart attack, Clyde. All I had was pain in my arm, between my shoulder blades, in my hest, jaw and upper abdomen. Plus I was dizzy, fatigued and had heartburn. That couldve been anything, and anyway, I took care of it myself. I started biking, gave up red meat, etc ... just incase. Anyway, I dont have health insurance. I earn too much for Medicaid ad too little to pay the Obamacare premiums. I got a solution for you, bruh ... Ok ... as long as it doesnt involve identity theft, fake IDs and possible jail time. Hm ... well, then I got a different solution for you ... As long as it doesnt involve sneaking into another country. Well ... then I got a different solution ...

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