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Published 2019-11-10 (Image 180284)

My Uncle Elroy passed away. I have so many regrets. We were never all that close. But he was always there, for all my graduations, for all the family dinners, and to take me to ballgames. But the last three years, our relationship was  not good. We argued all the time about Donald Trump. Oh my. He fell for ever conspiracy theory. Hed send me link after link to dailynutjob.com, and Id respond with links of my own to actual news, to scientific journals, etc. The last time we messaged each other, he accused me of being part of the Deep State, and I accused him of being gullible. I see. You regret that you wasted his last years on earth arguing about Donald Trump. I regret that Uncle Elroys not here to see Donald Trump finally get impeached.

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