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Published 2019-05-05 (Image 177448)

What brings you to therapy, Mr. Jollee? My  unhappy coworkers. Dr. Noodle. Theyre the ones with the problem, not me. Im happy. All of the time. All of the time? Every moment, I greet the world with a smile and with laughter! No matter whats happening! Aaris brought donuts, and I said What a great guy! whenever anyone makes a sale, I lead a cheer! When Andy fell out the window, I shouted Cheer up! Therere trees down there! Aim for those! What? The next day, everyone else was moping around, but not me. I put on a smile and said On the bright side, almost all the cactuses are still ok! ... and thats when they sent you to therapy. No, they sent me here after I gave the eulogy.

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