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Published 2019-01-06 (Image 175478)

Im thinking of buying an income property. Thats cause Im already paying one mortgage that I barely qualified for, so I didnt think Id qualify for another. But YouTube videos told me Im not supposed to get a new mortgage. Im supposed to get a home equity line of credit, and use that heloc to pay cash for my investment property. A heloc is usually 80% of the equity a homeowner has in the home. And I have lots of equity. Whats lots? 20% of what I bought it for. Wait ... didnt you buy your shack for $8,000? I can get a pretty sweet income property in Chernobyl for 80 percent of $8,000. But your heloc wouldnt be 80% of $8,000. Itd be 80% of 10% of $8,000. Yeah. I figured that out. Thats why my realtor and I are scoping out underwater caves off the Siberian coast. Thats why you wanted to borrow my scuba gear.

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