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Published 2018-04-01 (Image 169546)

I made some Kraft mac & cheese the other day. Why you aint called me, bruh? Ida ate some. Thats not the point, Clyde. The point is, it didnt taste anywhere near as delicious as it did when I was a kid. Serves you right. You think maybe they changed the formula? Did they find out something in it was dangerous? Did they do it to save money? The thought kept me up all night. Finally, at 3 a.m., I tweeted Did Kraft change its formula ... or have I gone crazy ... or is nothing ever as delicious as it was when you were a six-year-old child? You really tryin hard to find somethin to be upset about that aint Trump. I spent all morning taste-testing Froot Loops, KFC, Funyuns, Jell-o pudding pops, etc ... They mustve changed their formulas too!

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