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Published 2018-01-28 (Image 167088)

Hi, I just got a notice that I owe $30k t the city in past freelance taxes. Thats right. Because you didnt file as a business between 2007 and 2013. I wasnt a business. I was a reporter for a newspaper. They paid you with a 1099 instead of W-2. That makes you a business. They paid me with a 1099 so they could get away with not giving me benefits, and so they wouldnt have to give me paid time off! That doesnt mean I was running a business! Yes it does. I see you earned less than $100k per year. You wouldnt owe us anything if you filed for an exemption during the years you owed those taxes. You never told me this tax even existed! Im not gonna pay you $30,000 for a tax I didnt owe just because you never told me I didnt owe it! Youre right, sir. If you include the penalties, youre actually gonna pay us $38,000. Youre going to make me become a Republican! You know that, right?! Theres no special exemption for Republicans.

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