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Published 2017-12-31 (Image 166075)

Susan told me you finally got a doctor appointment, bruh, bout that heart problem you probably got … She also told me your doctor name. Canada or bust! I dont know what youre talking about, Clyde. When we was four, you told the preschool you was allergic to Mrs. Cass so theyd have to transfer you to Mr. Kirks class. When we was nine, you fell in love with that new girl Lois Lane as soon as you heard Mrs. Drake read her name at roll call. When you know, you just know. In college, you took that advanced kelp studies class cause it was taught by a "Professor Xavier." I dont know what youre getting at, Ive always been fascinated with aquatic plants. Tell me you aint choose this cardiologist just cause his name "Doctor Hu."

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