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Published 2017-12-03 (Image 165351)

Every time a cop shoots a black man, someone tries to change the subject by saying "yeah but … black-on-black crime is a much bigger problem." Lets imagine they did that for everything. Lets do this. "Taxes are too high." Yeh but … you rent cost a lot more, so whachoo whinin bout? "Politicians dont listen to us." Yeh, but ... men dont truly listen to women in they relationships. Deal widdat first, if you serious about people bein heard. "The city should fix all these potholes." Yeh but ... erytime a big meteor hit us, it make craters biggern all the potholes combined. How Im supposed to take you serious about them potholes when I aint never heard you say nothin about them in asteroid craters? Good game, Clyde.

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