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Published 2017-11-05 (Image 163961)

I find it funny how you libs get all triggered every time the president implies Puerto Rican hurricane victims are lazy … or every time he praises white supremacists, or every time he "attacks" the first amendment, or every time he personally insults people. Dont you people know the president is trolling you? Hes just pressing your buttons for fun and you fall for it every single time. Its as if none of you have ever debated anyone online. Online, you dont win by being right ... you win by making the other guy seem like he cares more than you do about any given topic. Caring is absolute proof of snowflaky weakness. If what the other guy cares about is common decency, you get extra points. Thats the most absurd thing Ive -- ... um ... whatever. Too late, snowflake.

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