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Published 2017-10-22 (Image 163428)

Dear "Journalist," your latest article is highly offensive and fake. You attacked those of us who accuse black NFL players of being "ungrateful" when they protest state-sanctioned racism. You said WE were the ungrateful ones. You wrote "You should be grateful to the ungrateful black protestors throughout history, whove always reminded us what this country is supposed to stand for. Ungrateful protestors like Martin Luther King, Jr ... Like Muhammad Ali ... and like Crispus Attucks, the ungrateful black guy whose ungrateful protest in Boston led to him becoming the first man to die in the Revolutionary War." Youve totally exaggerated the worth of those so-called "protestors." Im supposed to think theyre heroes just because they got SHOT? First of all, sir, Muhammad Ali never got sh -- Wait ... Donald Trump? Is this you? Tap tap tap tap tap tap tap. I like people who werent shot.

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