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Published 2017-06-18 (Image 158658)

I read your article bashing Congressman Thugman for assaulting a reporter, youd better watch your back, Leroy. Lemont. Whatever. You should change your name to "Enemy of the American People." Trump said so, and hes right. How was he right? Theres nothing more American than a free press. Read the first amendment. The press is enshrined in the Constitution! Journalists report being beaten, arrested. Oh yeah? Well, the so-called "Constitution" also enshrined slavery. Yeah, but then the Constitution abolished slavery, with the 13th amendment. Exactly. Its crazy for you to defend yourself with a document that cant even make up its mind. No wonder theyre body-slamming you guys now. Im starting to think youll say anything just to win an argument. Thats my first amendment right. Why do you hate the Constitution?

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