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Published 2017-02-05 (Image 153474)

Larry Wilcox aint happy bout that new Chips movie, dawg. Larry who? Larry Wilcox, bruh. Cant believe you aint remember "Jon" from Chips. Ponch & Jon, bruh, you know. Anyway … I saw the trailer, I laughed, aint gonna lie. But then I checked his Facebook, like I often do. You do? Often? He pointed out this aint nothin like the show he was on. The one we watched when we was kids. An he right. An it got me thinkin about all these reboots. Why they always takin serious shows an rebooting them as comedies? Why cant they go the other direction? I think I speak for us all when I say I wanna see a dark, gritty remake of Mr. Belvedere. Im not sure "us all" means what you think it means.

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