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Published 2016-12-25 (Image 151999)

You know what really, really bugs me? People who get all upset just because I always let my dog off his leash where Im not supposed to. Last week, Killer and I were taking our usual stroll in the park. I let the little fella off his leash just so he could get some real exercise. He deserves it as much as anyone. When he got maybe 1,000 feet from me, he came across some kids birthday party. Killers a curious little fella, so naturally he darted into the Bouncy House. Next thing you know, there was all this screaming, just cause Killer started licking the birthday boys face and chewing on his hair. All that screaming hurt poor Killers feelings, so naturally he started growling. Then I told them Killer was friendly, so that shouldve been that, right? Can you believe they demanded I buy the kid new pants? Its not my fault they never potty trained him. Forget the dogs, its the owners who should have to get licensed.

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