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Published 2016-09-25 (Image 148272)

It all started when I considered voting for Donald Trump. Hes against illegal immigration. Im against illegal immigration. So why not? People said that made him racist. But I agree with him, and I know Im not racist. And if people were wrong to call him "racist" about that, maybe theyre wrong to call him racist about everything. I started arguing with my own wife. I said demanding Obamas birth certificate wasnt racist. I said wanting to ban all Muslim immigrants wasnt racist. Trump saying a judge couldnt do his job because hes Mexican-American? I said that wasnt racist. I said the fact he kept retweeting white supremacists wasnt racist. But yesterday ... I caught myself saying "Whats so racist about white supremacists anyway?" Youre worried that supporting Trump is desensitizing you to racism? No, I just wondered if I can bunk here tonight. My wife kicked me out.

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