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Published 2016-09-04 (Image 147443)

Scientists proved quantum entanglement is a thing. They split one subatomic particle into two, and then found that when they did something to one half, the other half was affected too. Meanwhile, they also proved the location of subatomic particles is dependent on observation. Until its observed, a particle exists in different locations simultaneously. I know. The act of observing it collapses all those locations into one. And no one know why that is. Scientists also believe that every particle in the universe is entangled with every other particle because they were all part of the same singularity that exploded during the big bang. Dont you see, Susan? When we decide to find a particles position, the particle decides to have one, because that particle is quantum-entangled with us! Ok ... but whyd you ask if I was followed coming here? An observer observing an observer whos observing an observer who observed how observation works just might be what caused the last big bang,

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