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Published 2016-07-10 (Image 144955)

Lets watch "Lou Grant" on Hulu. "Lou Grant"? Aint that that show your momma used to watch when we was kids? Yeah. I ran out of things to watch, so I figured Id finally check out some of the shows that bored me to death when I was young. It was really depressing. If it was depressin, why you wanna watch it? I mean its depressing how good it is. Our parents generation had writers and actors who knew how to use mature, flawed characters to tell stories that really examined human nature in all its intricacies. And its set in a major newspaper back when they were still widely read and mostly family-owned, and saw what they did as a calling. When I think of all the time I wasted watching "Sesame Street" when I couldve watched this ... I dont watch nothin older than the milk in my fridge, bruh. Thats policy.

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