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Published 2016-05-22 (Image 143085)

1984. Do you think Terrence likes me, Lemont? Whos "Terrence"? I dont know any "Terrence." I know a "Turbo," and a "C-dog," and a "Rerun," and a "Big Oatmeal," and a "Greazy." I know a "Night Court," a "Shorty," a "Cheese-face," a "Rocky," and "Airwolf," a "Riptide," a "Boss," a "Voltron," a "Schoolbreak Special," and a "Big Cheeto." In fact, Im pretty sure if there was a "Terrence" in our class, hed go to great lengths to make sure none of us ever knew it. Youve asked me an unanswerable question, Susan. The fact he told you his name was "Terrence" is either proof he loves you or proof hes trying to push you away. How come you dont have a nickname? The only on I wanted was "Prince," but living up to it would be too much pressure.

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