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Published 2016-02-07 (Image 138359)

People who complain about voter ID laws are such liars when they say dirt-poor people cant afford to get ID. How do they get to be drunk all the time? How can they possibly buy their booze if they dont have ID? They hand their money to someone else who does have ID, and say, "Can you buy me a beer?" It happens all the time. And how can they ever cash a check?! They endorse it to someone else, or they go to a check-cashing store. How do they fly on airplanes?! "Dirt-poor people" dont usually buy plane tickets. Well they dont seem to have any trouble showing photo ID to get welfare! A lot of places dont require photo ID to get welfare. Youre really not supposed to answer rhetorical questions. Do you know very many "dirt-poor people"?

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