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Published 2015-06-28 (Image 128375)

Hello Concast Cable? This is Lemont Brown. Id like you to stop calling me. You dont really want that. Yes, I do. Stop trying to get me back. Its over. Its satellite  isnt it? I could give you more than satellite gives you  just give me a chance. No, its not ... Listen, its not you, its not satellite. A couple years ago, I discovered Roku. And all of a sudden, Roku gave me Netflix, and Hulu, and Crackle on my tv ... and all of a sudden I had what I never knew Id been missing. So you see, its not you, Concast ... its me. Youre just saying that. Yeah. I am. it IS you. You and your stupid van and your smug attitude and your crazy hidden fees. It would be a shame if I were to raise your broadband bill and then you couldnt afford to stream Netflix. See? This! This is exactly the sort of thing that made me leave you!

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