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Published 2015-04-26 (Image 125568)

Anyone who thinks we ever really went to the moon is a complete idiot. Youtube has tons of videos on this. Humans couldnt possibly have survived a trip through the Van Allen Radiation Belt. Thats proof it was all a conspiracy. Not true. According to Dr. Van Allen himself, the notion that radiation shouldve killed those astronauts is "nonsense." Well how come we cant see the astronauts footprints? Thats proof it was all a conspiracy. Not true. Other countries have snapped pictures of the landing sites, and just a few years ago the lunar reconnaissance orbiter took photos of the footprints. There were no stars in the old films. Thats proof it was all a conspiracy. The exposure settings were calibrated to get good shots of the extremely bright lunar surface. They couldnt do that and capture the relatively dim stars at the same time. You moon-landing-ists have an answer for everything. Thats proof it was all a conspiracy. Thousands of people could never keep a secret that big for 46 years! Thats what they want you to think.

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