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Published 2014-05-04 (Image 110313)

This better not be Indirectv. This is Bryan, with Indirectv. You havent paid your satellite TV bill in two months. I made payment arrangements with you guys two weeks ago. You said I have till next month to pay, but you guys keep calling me three times a day, every day, anyway. I sent you a certified letter telling you not to call me ever again. Do you know what that means, Bryan? It means that according to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, you owe me up to $1000 for each time youve called me since then. Im sorry, I was away from the phone. Can you repeat that? Uh ... never mind. Carry on. Were going to keep calling you every day till you pay your bill. Oh, no. I think your constant calls are close to working. I probably cant take more than a couple more weeks of this harassment.

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