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Published 2012-10-28 (Image 88731)

VH1 PRESENTS WHERE ARE THEY NOW?  The Ozzy-the-Undecided-Voter Story. The last four years were a dark time for Ozzy. He tried not being able to decide what to order at McDonalds. He tried not being able to decide whether to bring an umbrella. But the media just didnt care. Staying dry is important. Or not. Mainstream Media. Ozzy had become a nobody. He was alone. Forgotten. Unwanted. Toilet paper should be hung over. Or under. Yawn. Mainstream Media. But his fortunes were about to change. He heard another election was coming up. He said "This is right up my alley. Or not." Anonymous Friend. Hes even been training 8 hours a day. He cant even decide whether to bathe at night of in the morning. Hes at the top of his game. After the break, Ozzy thinks about registering to vote. Or not/

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