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Published 2011-07-22 (Image 63530)

Facebook Messages.  From Sasha Mitchell.  Hi, Lemont, Im just checking in cause I havent heard from you in a while.  How are you, LB?  Not so good.  A witness testified in court that I told him I met an actual demon   Its true, I did.  I told Susan about it, and she thinks Im crazy.  She doesnt believe me.  Nobody believes me.  I believe you, Lemont.  Say what?  I know we havent seen each other in 16 years, but Lemont I remember you like weve never been apart.  Youre the smartest, most honest, most sane man I know.  Anyone who doesnt believe you must not really know you. ... Not like I do.  Man, whyd you to be happily married?  Who said "happily"?  Nothing bad can come of this.

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